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Scheduled Maintenance in Holly and Saginaw, MI

Your car must be important to you, keep it running by keeping on top of recommended maintenance jobs. Many times, these routine check-ups uncover potential problems that could save you expensive repairs in the future. Keeping up with the scheduled maintenance is part of the preventative measures. To ensure the car operates at its peak and gives you years of worry free driving, take it to the professionals at Armstead Automotive Repair.

At Armstead Automotive Repair, the professional technicians will keep your car running efficiently. You must never ignore preventative maintenance basics like changing the oil and checking the tire pressure.

Some services we offer are:

  • fluid changes
  • tire services
  • air filter changes
  • battery and cable services

Each part of the vehicle has its factory recommended maintenance schedule. The schedule is not only prepared on a time basis, it is also prepared on the basis of the miles traveled. 

For more information about scheduled maintenance, watch the video below!



The number one automotive repair shop is Armstead Automotive Repair. We will develop a service interval schedule for you that will provide guidelines according to the factory recommendations.