Holly and Saginaw Auto Repair

Drivetrain and Differential Services in Holly and Saginaw, MI

Staying up late wondering if there’s an amazing auto mechanic in the Holly/Saginaw area who can take care of your drivetrain and differential? You can stop looking because the auto repair gurus at Armstead Automotive Repair can take all your drivetrain and differential issues off your hands so you can relax.
The drivetrain and differential make up the components that deliver power to your vehicle. The drivetrain itself transfers energy to the rear wheels, while the differential allows the wheels on the same axle to spin at different speeds (that’s why it’s called the differential). Several things can break down in the drivetrain and differential. Without getting into great detail, you may hear whining or howling if your differential is failing. When that happens, don’t travel outside Holly or Saginaw, but bring your car into Armstead Automotive Repair. 

When you bring your drivetrain and differential issues into Armstead Automotive Repair, you can draw upon our combined decades of experience. Our ASE-Certified auto repair technicians will diagnose and repair whatever your automotive issues are. Owners John and Belinda Armstead have kept the environment here family-friendly, and if you haven’t experienced that, we hope you will soon!

Here’s a five-star review of Armstead Automotive Repair you might like:

“Oil change, leaky tire and rim fix, battery test, and replacement of a brake light. We are happy knowing the old car is as prepared as it is can be, based upon our budget. Thank you for your professionalism and the cookies in the waiting area.”- Catherine C.

If your drivetrain and differential have got you down, our technicians at Armstead Automotive Repair have got you covered. Schedule an appointment today so that our friendly, knowledgeable staff can get to work on your car. We treat our customers like family, and we want you to join us. We are located at 15310 Fish Lake Road, Holly, MI 48442. Our hours are 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM, Monday - Friday.

For more information about differential services, watch the video below!