Drivetrain  and Differential Services in Holly

Your drivetrain and differential system are critical to your car's health and road performance. The drivetrain encompasses several different smaller components that are essential to correct maneuvering on the roadways. The differential is the part that moves you along and it is under constant stress and pressure through wear and tear.

Drivetrain & Differential Facts

The drivetrain keeps your automobile moving the way it is geared to. The differential is part of the wheel system itself and allows the system to rotate at various speeds. Since the components that make up the drivetrain and differential are so intricate, it means that something could go wrong at any time, causing you to be stranded without warning.

For this reason, you should get them checked out now by an automotive expert who can help you maintain your system and keep you safe.

How Armstead Automotive Repair Can Help

Armstead Automotive is located in Holly, Michigan and they have all of the equipment and professional technicians you need to maintain, check, and repair your vehicle. They are experts with drivetrain and differential services and they can fix whatever problem exists and make it like new again.

Services they can provide you include:

  • Complete inspection of the drivetrain and differential
  • Intricate inspection of every problem point
  • Fluid replacement (as needed) for differential
  • Case cleaning (for 4WD)
  • Repair or complete replacement of damaged parts
  • Inspection after the sale


If your drivetrain and/or differential is not working like it should, don't end up stranded! Bring your vehicle in today and let our highly-qualified, expert technicians take care of your issues before it leaves you on the side of the road. We use only high-quality NAPA parts and we put our money where our mouth is with our 36,000 mile/36 month road warranty. We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information about differential services, watch the video below!

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