Shocks and Struts Services in Holly

The shocks and the struts are two important components of the suspension system that ensure your car is balanced and that it is riding smoothly. Experts recommend strut and shock inspections so as to maintain excellent car handling through turns, even over bumps and when it is time to stop. If the struts and shock are blown, they can cause the car to handle unsafely on the road. Worn out shocks and struts can cause excess wear of the tires and you must replace the tires sooner. Apart from these they cause stress on the suspension and steering parts and cause them to wear prematurely.

For excellent inspection repair and replacement needs of the shock and strut, Armstead Automotive Repair is your one stop shop. Their team of experts will work to ensure that you get quality work done right the first time. Visit their facility where there is always a professional that you can talk to. Get an estimate of the cost to avoid surprises.

You must be on the lookout for the warning signs that will indicate that the holly shock and strut have a problem;

  • There is fluid leaking from the strut or shock body
  • The vehicle nose dives when the brakes are applied
  • There is excessive bouncing after hitting a bump on the road
  • The steering is stiff and it makes noises
  • Uneven tire wear
  • The vehicle leans on turns

For more information about shocks and struts services, watch the video below!

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